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Ukrainian Mobilization

I started a chat with ChatGPT today. Here is how it went. Me: “In 1914, France had about the same population as Ukraine has today. The French army in 1914 had over 4 million men in it. How were the … Continue reading

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No Ukrainian Dunkirk

President Zelensky made a personal visit to Avdiivka in late December in order to shore up morale and make a general statement regarding his resolve to keep the place under Ukrainian ownership. Six weeks later it’s in Russian hands. Evidently … Continue reading

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Avdiivka Fallen?

It appears that today might be chalked up as the day Avdiivka fell to the Russian Army.  Something tells me that battle will reveal itself as a significant event in the history of sieges, and that there are particular and … Continue reading

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Regarding Propriety at Liberty Bristles

Unlike other sites, ad-hominem (personal) attacks are allowable (even welcome) and will not be a cause for denying or unauthorizing a post or comment. You may make nasty hateful comments if you wish, as long as they are within bounds. … Continue reading

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Policy Objectives for US and Israel – Gaza

WHAT IS THE END STATE? ASSESSING ISRAEL’S OBJECTIVES FOR A GAZA CAMPAIGNKevin Benson | 10.19.23 posted on the USM Modern War Institute website “Tell me how this ends.”This was what David Petraeus, then commanding general of the 101st Airborne … Continue reading

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A Strategy Observation about the Ukraine War

Log In ‹ Liberty Bristles — WordPress The contest was over from the start. Below are ten strategic points why, most of them obvious from the git-go. (For efficiency purposes, I’m defining “git-go” as mid-February 2022, two years ago, but … Continue reading

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An Observation About Possible Military Lessons from the Ukraine War

Today, 7 February 2024, it is becoming clear that military prospects are turning quickly in favor of the Russians, this for reasons that I’ve noted in past posts and will address again in the near future. Now, however, seems a … Continue reading

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