and Beyond (The War for our Fulminate after Hamas and Ukraine)

Important that we keep track of what is going on with both the Hamas and the Ukraine wars. The war at home is getting started, however. It’ll be much different than either of those other two, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of factors and lessons to be learned. There are also principles that apply to all three — principles that some actors will ignore to their detriment and others remember to their benefit. Right now, I’m trying to figure out the right structure, the right mechanism, the right method for following the war as it unfolds (and if it actually is). I don’t have to have the platform ready immediately.  My goal is to have it set up on this site by the end of the year.  I’m trying to work up the gumption and confidence to make an interactive GIS, even if just a simple one that follows four or five basic items. I think I would like to follow what is going on county by county. I’ll try to track some proxy or reflective conditions or events to show where the war is (or isn’t – the hypothesis will be that the war is raging; I’ll stay open to falsifying the hypothesis).  Right now, I’m thinking that the population of illegally-entered immigrants will be one of the most significant factors in the outbreak of the war. This will have a different shape depending on the outcome of the elections. If the Democrats do poorly, there will be some level of official attempt at deportation. The deportation efforts will likely draw violent responses that have specific, easily mappable locations. If the Democrats do well in the elections, there will be both continued open immigration and public assistance and enfranchisement efforts.  These policies will draw opposition demonstrations at very least, and possibly violence. Other guides might be roadblocks, attacks on infrastructure, etc. Ideas?

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2 Responses to and Beyond (The War for our Fulminate after Hamas and Ukraine)

  1. Justin Lawlor says:

    The next Census will be the critical element, as domestic left is accepting this migration nearly entirely to reverse the depopulation of prior strongholds that are facing depopulation.

    • Geoff Demarest says:

      OK, yes, there will have to be demographic and voting layers. Not sure exactly all of what the progressive population strategy is or how it will unfold, but yes. Others have their agendas as well, including large gangs. A gang territory layer might be tough to build.

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