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War for America 2025 by Geoffrey Demarest

On Multiform War; Strategy, Revolution, and the Nine-Head Monster by Geoffrey Demarest

Kevin Benson has a book out titled Expectation of Valor: Planning the Iraq War. Kevin pretty much Planned the first Iraq War, so there’s that.

You can order it here: Expectation of Valor – Casemate Publishers US

He describes his book as follows:

A unique first-hand account of the planning and execution of the opening campaign in the invasion of Iraq. Given the length of time the United States spent in Iraq, there is a perception that there was no consideration before the war of what should be done after coalition forces arrived in Baghdad and removed Saddam Hussein. However as this unofficial history reveals, there was a great deal of planning to address how to achieve the policy objectives for Iraq set by the Bush administration. Kevin Benson—director of plans for the United States Third Army, the ground forces command headquarters for GEN Franks’ Central Command, at the start of the war—details the development of the invasion plan and its subsequent execution from D-Day in March 2003 until the change of command of operations in Iraq and the departure of Third Army in June 2003.

He addresses the persistent trope that “the Army did no planning” for “Phase IV,” revealing that extensive plans were proposed, and were met with very little interest in Washington. The book covers the difficulties encountered in dealing with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, from getting his approval on the number of forces requested to conducting the campaign to find the “smoking gun” of WMD; the instructions given to Army, Marine and coalition forces; and the daily secure video teleconferences with Central Command and the Pentagon, and the rather remarkable conversations and guidance that came from these meetings.