Brainstorm America War Map Layers

The map will be built to tell where the war is. Below are some undeveloped ideas for layers. Any ideas?

Deportation events

Deportation facilities;

Deportation sanctuary zones (definition?);

Attacks on Christian Churches;

Attacks on food processing and distribution points;

Attacks on energy production nodes;

Attacks on other infrastructure;


Organized arson events;

Counties with over 70% Democrat voting experience;

Counties with under 35% Democrat voting experience;

Census layers;

Counties with over x/1000 population per square mile;

Counties w under x/1000 population per square mile;

Impunity chains (yeah, I have to figure out what I mean by this, but I think something like a place with a sheriff, DA, judges and political leaders all of the same party and funded by WEFsters.);

Police per 1000 under x;

Major bridges;

Main hydrocarbon pipelines;

Federal court buildings;

Public shooting ranges;

Percentage of school-age children in other than public schools over x%;

Number of hard-drug users attended by social services;

Attacks on Police Officers;

Land owned by foreign entities.

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  1. Holmes Oliver says:

    tip to Citizen Free Press. Bloomberg has an article titled “This Is Where New Migrants Are Going When They Reach the US” It has in it a map sourced to Department of Justice EOIR case data, released after FOIA requests by TRAC at Syracuse University. It is an estimate map of where the illegal immigrants have been going. Some other interesting charts. Here is the URL

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