Welcome to Liberty Bristles.   It’s called Liberty Bristles because it will often deal with how power (political, military, social, etc.) should be distributed and used and from where power is derived. In other words, the site is ideological. In 2023 and 2024, it is unreasonable to comment on politics and ideology except against the background of America under attack. We’ll try to keep it light, though. We can share entertaining stuff of various kinds, including (mildly) lurid, lascivious, prurient, adolescent material if necessary for the good of psychological order.

Not everything is about power.  Most of life is not about power, not about politics, not a zero-sum game and definitely not military.  This site’s name rails in the lesser part of life that is about power, and sure, sweeping our enemies before us and listening to the lamentations of their women is good.  So is the aggressive defense of liberty and our American Constitution, but those accomplishments aren’t THAT big a deal.  Dogs and grandchildren are a bigger deal.  Cars and pick-up trucks with big engines, power tools, grilled burgers and some electronics are all good. I think golf takes too long, but there are a few good people who just love it.  Camping is, if there aren’t too many bugs. Alcohol can be at the right dosage. There’s plenty more that’s marvelous. Enjoy life. We scorn God when we do not recognize, celebrate and enjoy His creation. Philosophy to live by: to worship the Lord we must do some partying. Thanksgiving Day was a straight-up good idea, especially the part where you snooze on the couch or watch football while the lady fixes dinner.

However, along with all the finer things, there are a few minor annoyances that are causing damage to the structure of life. Liberty is increasingly under attack, in insidious ways, including by whiny sorts offended by everything. The reverberating whiniest of whiners aren’t even actually offended — they fake it, trying to gain and concentrate power from both real and contrived confrontations. They’re busy in their struggling — Alinskiing or Clower-Pivening or something.  A lot of these folk claim there is no American Way, no American exceptionalism. Those folk are what’s no bueno, my friends, no bueno.

The descriptors libertarian and conservative might be OK for this site.  American Revolutionary Affirmationist or Originalist could work. I think I’d go with “Freeness Suffusion” if that were less weird and not too cute by half.  ‘Right wing’, however, is not a good descriptor. The left-right gamut is an artificial euro-Hegelian mind-trap. The classic (1930’s -style?) left-and-right socialisms have merged, and debate about even that is a tad boring. There is definitely a far Left in America, however, if for no other reason than because the Leftists say so. That Left then names everything it opposes as right, because of course it does.

Latin America is close geographically, so the site has somewhat of regional lean in that direction. Finally, regarding Internet inspiration, the mens rea at the blog Ace of Spades HQ created an ‘Ace of Spades HQ lifestyle’, which on occasion admires expressions by what is known as ‘Florida Man.’ Here we will not abide such. This location will be for people who are more refined and consequential. However, until we figure out what that means and engage in whatever self-improvement we can, Ace of Spades HQ will do nicely as a style guide. AOC HQ is the gold standard.

I, Holmes Oliver, (a nomdeplumguerre) regularly visit a number of other websites to refresh my outrage and seek reaffirmations. They include the aforementioned Ace of Spades HQ, Gateway Pundit, American Thinker, American Greatness, Revolver News, Rebel News, Mark Levin site, PJMedia, Right Scoop, Legal Insurrection, Conservative Treehouse, The Federalist, The Volokh Conspiracy, Townhall, Bongino Report, Commentary, SCOTUS Blog, Just the News, Hayek Cafe, Freedom Works, One America News, The Resurgent, FrontPage Mag, Breitbart, Powerline and sometimes RedState, National Pulse, Reason and Info Wars.  I use Citizen Free Press, Liberty Daily, Off the Press, and Badblue as my go-to news aggregators. As for personal bloggers, Don Surber is worthy, James Howard Kunstler always has something useful as well as entertaining to say, as does J. J. Sefton.  There are others, but these names give you an idea about the opinion pond in which I wallow, and what are this site’s ideological cousins. Together, those folk post enough material that this blog would hardly be a useful addition, except that the ego is strong in this one, and there appears to be room for a companion more likely to address strategery. This site will not advertise commercially or try to make money, at least until after the 2024 elections.  It won’t be open to all public commentary, either.  We’ll consider and carefully vet applicants, seeking only the finest character and sharpest intellects. Friends, in other words.