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Why I am the greatest living Strategic theorist, reason #4,682:

I just rediscovered a note I had made to myself to comment on a series of articles written by Armin Rosen, mostly for the online magazine Tablet. Just go there and they are easy to find. One of the latest … Continue reading

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Our Intelligence Speaks

A Moment of Strategery Averil Haines talked at the Reagan Library the other day.  More or less, she said the war in Ukraine isn’t going well for the Russians, there is a lull in the fighting, and a few other … Continue reading

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US Department of Labor Giving Money

A sidenote, I noticed this as a minor outrage headline in Citizens Free Press. The link to the Labor Department news release is US Department of Labor announces $12M cooperative agreement to strengthen labor rights, empower workers in Brazil, Colombia, … Continue reading

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