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Ukraine Multiform War

Something came out today in the Ukraine war news that I feel is worth noting for future reference.  It looks like there is some effective guerrilla warfare being conducted by The Russians or proxies inside Romania.  This is expected in … Continue reading

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The Upcoming Elections

This post is for those of you seeking my advice regarding the upcoming 2024 federal elections.  Ha ha…You must be kidding me…get a life. Yes, well, getting over your lack of self-respect, here is what I think. We need to … Continue reading

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I just now made a comment on the Willie OAM site. I had noted that during his presentation and unlike the Military Summary Channel’s moring report, that Willie had taken information about Russian advances in the Robotnye are ‘with a … Continue reading

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Winning Insurgent War, Winning Irregular War and On Multiform War all bored their dozens of readers with what a big deal roadblocking is. Roadblocks will be a featured layer in our coming GIS War for America Map. Roadblocks have been … Continue reading

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On the War for America in 2025

Tip to Citizen Free Press and X. (8) End Wokeness on X: “All hell breaks loose at an airport in Paris as illegals try to stop a deportation:” / X ( The video purportedly shows a group of illegals … Continue reading

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Capacity to Fight

When making strategy, the capacity to fight (One’s own capacity as well as that of opponents) is a basic, natural consideration. To formalize that consideration a bit — to audit it, practice it, organize it or perhaps to have a … Continue reading

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What Geography is to Strategy

Geography provides us the best vocabulary and theory set for competent strategy making. Geography focuses on where and how far. Geography is the natural home of cartography and GIS. I mention this because too many of our military leaders are … Continue reading

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The Ukrainian Navy

Insufficiencies of the Ukrainian ground forces have been easy to spot, although given their disadvantages, they’ve been doing work slowing the Russians down and making them pay a toll for territory gained. An aspect significant to our military in the … Continue reading

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Regarding the War for America Map

I listened to mapper/commenter Willy OAM this morning for the first time. Interesting and useful map-based discussion of the Ukraine war. He gave considerable credit to a mapper called suriyak-maps. Dima at the Military Summary Channel also sites Suriyak often. … Continue reading

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Brainstorm America War Map Layers

The map will be built to tell where the war is. Below are some undeveloped ideas for layers. Any ideas? Deportation events Deportation facilities; Deportation sanctuary zones (definition?); Attacks on Christian Churches; Attacks on food processing and distribution points; Attacks … Continue reading

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