More War for America Map Brainstormin’

The War for America map will help show us all what to do and where – or at least where. We just need to figure out what-all the map should show to do that. Eh? America’s internal war is never (hope) going to look on the map the way the war in Ukraine is looking. That war over there is oddly traditional, even as it presents all kinds of new and disconcerting challenges to the fighters. All of the Ukraine war maps feature a discernable front line that has been moving slowly under the pressures of heavy, organized combat actions. Our war is going to be increasingly patchworked and blotchy. Depending on the assortment of GIS information layers we build, there will be some discernable contiguity of territories lost and gained. Let’s plan on labeling each American and maybe Canadian county as Good, Bad or Un-resolved.  The ‘county’ will be the definitive unit of territorial measurement, at least to start out. In any case, we need to decide what qualities or conditions of life should allow us to tag a county with a glorious G or accuse it with an inglorious B. True to and consistent with the strategy thinking in On Multiform War (book I know you own), let’s start with impunity. For instance, if someone commits an act of arson and there’s no sincere follow-on pursuit to find and punish the arsonist, that’s B -worthy. If in the same county a government-condoned kidnapping happens (Presume all recent J6 arrests by the feds are kidnappings, for instance) it would be a very B-tending event. A county in which 70% of the voters voted for Democrats should be presumed Bish. All those things in one county – solid B. Opinions?