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Policy Objectives for US and Israel – Gaza

WHAT IS THE END STATE? ASSESSING ISRAEL’S OBJECTIVES FOR A GAZA CAMPAIGNKevin Benson | 10.19.23 posted on the USM Modern War Institute website “Tell me how this ends.”This was what David Petraeus, then commanding general of the 101st Airborne … Continue reading

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A Strategy Observation about the Ukraine War

Log In ‹ Liberty Bristles — WordPress The contest was over from the start. Below are ten strategic points why, most of them obvious from the git-go. (For efficiency purposes, I’m defining “git-go” as mid-February 2022, two years ago, but … Continue reading

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Regarding the Colombians’ rejection of the FARC – Santos accords

About the Colombian voters rejecting peace.  I notice the New York times published at least one article decrying the failure of democracy over this, and it seems that almost all of the news commentary is dismayed at the result.  And … Continue reading

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smuggling terrain

Transportation Geography, an Observation about Smuggling This is a brief research note on geographic theory and practice related to law enforcement and irregular warfare. It uses a piece of cartographic evidence from the Colombian war as an example of how … Continue reading

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