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Maybe Ignorant

OK, today, Geoff Demarest made an idle comment on the Willy OAM site Russian Troops Tunnel Under UA Lines – CRITICAL Area Under THREAT – Ukraine War Map Update News ( Here is what he posted: “Great job, again, Willy. … Continue reading

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Ukraine Multiform War

Something came out today in the Ukraine war news that I feel is worth noting for future reference.  It looks like there is some effective guerrilla warfare being conducted by The Russians or proxies inside Romania.  This is expected in … Continue reading

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PoliSci Sucks

Political Science is a detrimental academic discipline. Many reasons why, so let’s start cataloging the ways. Maybe we can together destroy PoliSci and make every good person who has a PoliSci degree feel ashamed and want desperately to go replace … Continue reading

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Happy Independence

Hope you all had a happy, celebratory, hopeful 4th of July. We sang America the Beautiful in church last weekend and it was poignant more than I can remember it ever being. At Ace of Spades HQ, WeirdDave had “asked … Continue reading

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A lot has been going on, so this is a catch-up sprint post. It’s ‘Post Debate’ because so many people seem to think the political landscape has changed since the Thursday-night massacre. A lot else happened this week, including the … Continue reading

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