Brazil on Precipice

Hard not to talk about Paul Pelosi, but Brazil losing an election, that is, communist Lula da Silva returning to the presidency is the big news of the day, especially as Ukraine news has evidently been slowed down for the elections. Lula is not good for Brazil, the continent or for us. Our State Department and whoever is running the White House will probably not see it that way, so at least they’re happy.

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US European Strategy

I just read James Howard Kunstler’s blog, specifically his short piece on the United State’s evidently being the party guilty of sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines. Here’s a link — Developing Developments – Kunstler. He references a recent and compelling analysis published by Monkey Werx — The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Sabotage — MonkeyWerx ( Worthy.

For the United States government to have made such a move is tough to digest, even for me, now beyond convinced of the clumsy, ignorant evil of our current national leadership. Dumb, counterproductive, destructive? Nah, none of that suffices. There isn’t even enough self-serviceable realpolitik logic in all of Henry Kissinger’s wrinkles to make such a move anything but dumbfoundingly bewildering, so much so that it will take some time to become as angry about it as it deserves. Fortunately, there are almost always unintended consequences and silver linings in most of the hurtful things the current administration does to us. We should have started closing the NATO shop a long time ago. Now it might close itself, if not in on itself, soon. I had wondered what on earth the administration might do to make their Afghanistan debacle look not so bad, and now that what-on-earth has a name — Ukraine.

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Ukranian Counteroffensive Sep 10thish

I have no special knowledge, might not understand the Russian way of war, but I’m thinking that Putin’s winning, albeit more slowly than he had hoped.  The Russian people seem to be more and more behind the effort, not against it, probably because the west has made such a moralizing fuss.  Russians know they have a corrupt government, but they also know that the Ukrainians have just as corrupt a government. The Russians have plenty of time, too, more than the rest of Europe.  No amount of money is going to save Ukraine, especially not our money. The Russians will have no fuel shortages and no economic crisis this winter.  Not sure about the Euros. I might have this wrong, but it seems a Russian Army almost always make the enemy army its central objective, terrain remaining preparatory and secondary.  Also, I don’t believe a thing Zelensky says and hardly anything our government says.  If I were Putin, I think I’d just keep pluggin’ away.  No need for nukes.  Ukraine will soon run out of soldiers willing to be cannon fodder for the WEF.  So, my present idle prediction is…wait for it…March 2023 – total abject Ukranian capitulation followed by empty show of Russian grace and Putin magnanimity, as well as some tremendous clever-by-half propagandistic gaslight jiujitsu brain torque on the part of NATOistas.

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On Multiform War is now available

Finally. The hardcover is a bit pricey, but it’s girthy enough to stop a freezer door. The Kindle version is only ten bucks.

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Mid-August 2022

I’m waiting for On Multiform War to be released. It is in pre-order on Amazon for hardcopies, although the Kindle version is available.

There are a couple of recent events I figure I need to comment on here. One is the raid on Mar al Lago in Florida. Amazingly wrong, it adds more weight to Trump’s re-election prospects, and it probably means the FBI will be facing some changes if the conservative wing of the Republican party gains enough power during the coming cycles. The other big event that I had in mind is this business of Congress’s funding the IRS for huge growth, along with the revelations that the IRS has purchased a zillion rounds of ammunition. These two things fall in the category of things that should not surprise but surprise anyhow. They are beyond evidence of a toxic deep state. They are gleaming proof that the Democratic Party has become a totalitarian party now. We have a problem.

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Happy Easter

The Lord is Risen

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Almost two years later

I wrote the last post a long time ago and that pretty much measures the delay in getting this site going. It won’t get off to a racing start now, either, as I am busy working on a thing called Mutiform War, which I hope to have ready this coming summer. Nevertheless, this site is going to happen eventually, and the last post seems like a good prompt. Not enough has happened since then in ‘spygate’, but just now the drama mentioned in that last post of early 2018 seems to have picked up pace. I summarize the situation as follow: The conspiracy theory I believe will prove out as correct envisions a group of from a dozen to three dozen conspirators at the most senior levels of the US government having broken numerous federal laws to try to oust the elected President (after first working together to try to hamper his election campaign) using the tools and other advantages (laws, access, geographic position, funds) of the government itself. They attempted a coup, might be guilty of espionage and sedition, might be indicted and might be convicted. That is the hope. We’ll see,

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I’m all about seeing Holmes give this another push, and admit that I’m not using my real name, either.  In fact, I took it from another guy whose real name it wasn’t.  Anyway, I resolve for the New Year to comment every once in a while  in this strategery tertulia blog thing.  According to Geoff Demarest, perhaps the most outstanding, brilliant and correct strategist alive today, we can’t make strategy or talk about it with any clarity or advantage unless we know what it is that peeves us and can name who it is that’s doing the peeving.  There’s a nosotros-ellos mundo out there, and therefore I submit the folowing idea of what they look like, that is, the bad-guys, the enemy.


It’s a sloppy angry mean multiheaded monster with a body like a methuselah tree. It smells like rotten chicken.  It has leaders, directorates, cabals and all that, many of whom I guess we could actually name, but here I only describe it in general terms by what identifies itself publicly.  This is shorthand, but anyhow the five major heads of the monster are as follows (not is order of consequence or danger as they comingle anyhow): American progressives; transnational criminal cartels and syndicates; aggressive ideological Islam; Intentional Socialism (commies), and; Other abusive power concentrators.  I know that fifth category needs some fleshing out, but that will come.  Holmes already mentioned one part of that —  folk who build government for themselves as their personal business model — kinda what Ted Cruz was calling out as the government cartel. Another example might be the social media moguls.  This fifth head might not be as immediately dangerous as the other four, but at any given moment it’s parts are fecklessly willing to smooch with them.  Allrightythen, let 2018 begin.  I’m going to watch college football today.  This year the bowl championship series is a lot more interesting to me than the pros.

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Happy New Year 2018

Well, the New Year’s resolution is to give this website another whirl — to find the gumption and discipline to maintain activity to express outrage, counter-outrage and hope (and other idle stuff), and to draw out expression from the site’s vast sea of potential participants. So…excellent. Let’s start with some hopeful counter-outrage. It appears that what has been called the “deep state” (a boil of progressive activists left over in the administrative state) is about to be kicked in the snarglies. There may be high legal drama coming as early as late January, and with any luck it will do great damage to the prospects of the Anti-Merica movement and maybe to the federal-government-as personal-business crowd as well.

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Free Speech on Campus

I think the DeVos education appointment is really promising so far as the ideological war goes. I read somewhere that the DeVos family were early, generous contributors to, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. “The mission of FIRE is to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities.” is one of the best endeavors out there for re-balancing power, in the long run, away from the progressive left. I also recently read something about a legislative plan for orienting the federal government toward ensuring constitutional liberties on campuses, especially free speech. Legislation already exists, of course. has a legislation page, and you can also go to the Goldwater Institute for an article by Starlee Coleman outlining a legislative model to end ‘free speech zones’ and ‘safe spaces’. I can’t help but think that the new leadership at the Education Department, supported by the new leadership at DoJ (or vice versa), are going to start soon to turn us back toward liberty on American campuses. It will have an enormous generational impact. Merica.

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