Ukrainian Participation at D-Day Memorial?

Haven’t said anything recently about the stupid Ukraine war. So much moving so fast.  Let’s start with Macron. The Frenchies are now all about allowing Ukraine to fire ‘western’ weapons into Russia? They even want to send more ‘western’ military personnel into Ukraine to do it — as though that means the ‘westerns’ are still not actually at war with Russia. Brilliant international lawyers these guys. I can even see through it. Last time I lent my high-power to a murderer, they implicated me in the crime. Go figure. Putin already noted publicly that turn and turn-about is fair play. Anyhow, if I were France, and I’m glad I’m not, but if I were, I’d send a lot more naval units down off the coast of the Guyane space center. Might not do much good. Less than 120 miles from Oiapoque to a centre de lancement.  Too many governments down that way now flat-out Marxist and might be delighted to help the Ruskies put the kremlin kaboshski on the French space program, all the while being just as judicious about it as les comediens. Seems like the Niger debacle might have taught a lesson, but noooo.

So you think I’m being just too snarky, cute by half here? I’m just a tad chaffed seeing sweatshirt Zelensky in his sweatshirt feted by the folk at the D-Day memorial admiring his sweatshirt. World on its head. Tell me that guy does not support and is not supported by a whole bunch of neo-Nazis. Irony is funny, right? So many nifty historic fictions out there giving twists to what happened in WWII, like The Man in the High Castle. As I recall, in real life we sided with the left-socialists to defeat the right-socialists, the latter deemed more dangerous, German science and whatnot. Could it have gone the other way? I don’t believe in that kind of hypothetical re-write history stuff, but it is fun. What if the British government had made peace with the Nazis (not like it wasn’t close), followed in turn by the US government? What if we had sided with Hitler against Stalin by just lending a blind eye? Could we have looked away just a little more than we did? Maybe getting a few thousand more Jews to Zion in return? Hard to say, all that is silly speculation, but here we are fighting the Russians, while praising a gnome dictator who is not democratic in the least. Here we are siding with, even encouraging governments that have been turning their countries over to Jew-hating Islamists. Are we going to play like as though, somehow, actually, in some weird way, Ukraine was, on 6 June 1944, more ally than the rest of the Soviet Union was on June 6, 1944? Please make it stop.

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