Where Will It End? (In Ukraine)

Willy ended his show today, 12 May, with a reasonable “No one bloody knows.” Russia’s Real Goal As Multiple Positions FALL – ‘Extremely Dire’ – Ukraine War Map Analysis (youtube.com) The Russian territorial advance has picked up speed of late, but as to Russian objectives, “No one bloody knows” is reasonable analysis. Still, this would be a good time for us to place some bets — as a record for grading our predictive senses. How about we each assert an approximate line of Russian advance as of a date certain, say 1 February 2025? I suggest that date because right now I assume Donald Trump will have become President of the United States, will have his foreign affairs team more-or-less in place and will have set in motion an abrupt end to US support to the Kviv regime. Eight months is a long time, I know, so no shame in being wrong. My prediction: The borderline of Russian control will run approximately along highway E584 all the way from Okny in the south through Kropyvnyski to Poltova then north through Sumy. Anyone?

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  1. Cullen says:

    Too lazy to read map, but… but 5% increase for Russians. Trump winning though? 49%

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