The Upcoming Elections

This post is for those of you seeking my advice regarding the upcoming 2024 federal elections.  Ha ha…You must be kidding me…get a life. Yes, well, getting over your lack of self-respect, here is what I think.

We need to ignore as best as possible the Trump vs Biden conversation.  We need to ignore the ‘Biden is a jerk, Biden is too old, Biden is senile’ messaging and narrative. I believe all that is red herring. We have to make the contest Trump vs the Democratic Party of the United States. We need to drum on the idea that the Democratic Party is the evil entity. The actual leadership of that evil entity is looking for a pathway past Biden-Harris, and we need to be ready for however that play unfolds. Biden is not the issue and has not been for some time. Here is a chart…

Potential differences if Trump is or is not elected:

Issue/election outcomeNot Trump (Dem Party Control)Trump (Greater MAGA influence)
AbortionFunded right at any time.Restricted, not federally funded and left to States.
Illegal ImmigrationOpen and encouraged. Amnesty and suffrage pushed forcefully.Reduced. Some deportation, possible widespread deportation.
Federal govt regulationIncreased. Definite movement toward social credit scoring, federal control over individual travel, land ownership and finances.Decreased federal regulation. Possible decrease in federal agency powers, at least in selected agencies like ATF, EPA, Education
Global Warming Redistribution of (a lot of) money to ‘solve’ the non-problem. Dem Party/US Gov participation in international and NGO identities scamming the money.Little direct funding to stop warming and less government participation in international or NGO scam operations
Health CareFurther move toward fully nationalized health care system. Greater social control by ‘health’ agencies. Possible staged pandemic.Some movement toward freer market system elements. Curtailing and investigation of federal health agencies. Unlikely to see pandemic.
Foreign PolicyIncreased subordination to international organizations, NGOsDemotion of international organizations, NGOs.
..Continued shift toward Iran, away from Israel.Solidified support to Israel.
..Favorable toward Chinese CCP.Rebalance away from Chinese CCP.
..Rapprochement with Cubans.calling out Cubans, Bolivarians.
..Continue funding weapons to Zelensky regime if the Russians have not already won.Cutting losses and redirecting defense spending to not include Zelensky regime or fighting against Russia.
..Democratic Party will seek ways to further abandon Taiwan and allow reunification of China under CCP control.Defense of Taiwan reaffirmed and US defense spending and deployment shifted toward that end.
EducationHeavy support to traditional teachers’ union.Push toward vouchers and decrease of teachers’ union control.
Free SpeechMove toward hate speech controls and independence of university administrative control over student and faculty speech.Movement back toward full observance of freedom of speech.
Right to Bear ArmsWidespread efforts at gun control.Spread observance of right to bear arms.
Free Exercise of religionConstrictions on religious liberties.Protection of Freedom of Religious Expression.
Rule of LawLikely impunity for federal agency violators of individual rights.Possible prosecution of high-ranking violators of individual liberties.
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  1. Darin says:

    Awesome Awesomeness

    Big fan, looking forward to the new stuff. I knew you were the GLMST as a FMSO-OSIRA grad circa 2009.

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