It is Democratic to Vote Democratic?

It seems that just now the question of whether the United States is a democracy has come to the public conversational fore. I think that’s great, as any among you who for whatever sad reason might have read what I’ve written on the subject would suppose. We as a country had some time ago been led by Democrats in the Democratic Party, Democrats in academe and Democrats in media to intone over and over that the United States was a democracy, that we fought for democracy, should spread democracy and that the word democracy was synonymous with good. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party of the United States succeeded in federal court arguing that the party was not a democracy and could pick its leaders in any way they wanted. (Wilding, et. al. v. DNC Services). The Democrats were in court on a related democracy issue (white primaries) in the 30’s and 40s ( Grovey v. Townsend and Smith v. Allwright). Owning words and their public meaning is big strategy for Democrats, but it gives us a lot of tell, a lot of clues as to the who’s who. I just saw a clip of a CNN huff piece in which George Bush the younger is shown saying “Democracy remains the definition of political legitimacy.” Political Scientists love the word legitimacy. Political Science likes hollow words. All Democrats are Political Scientists. It’s science. Political Scientists are not legit scientists. That’s science too. Democrats are not democrats. George Bush was Republican but not republican. America is not a democracy, it’s (supposed to be) a republic, but our government is Democratic, not the least bit democratic, and not republican, even when Republican. You get it. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting about what to have for din-din. That said, the founders thought elections could help kick the bums out. Vote.

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  1. Geoff Demarest says:

    Ya know at some point here recently, the term ‘conspiracy theory’ came to mean something false, or a paranoid delusion — something to be conjured from under a tinfoil hat. Sad. If one were to dig back back into the moldy archives where the oldest US Army manuals dance and sing when nobody is looking, one would find that Persing or Upton or somebody ordered some rando major to come up with an appropriate formalized process for building military intelligence. Easy-peasy. He just adapted the scientific method and voooahlaa, the precursor to the intelligence cycle — vaunted, magnificent. To the unwashed, the intelligence cycle is a diagram that rotates the brain either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the service or agency. Don’t matter. What matters is that the basic idea is to go looking for the enemy — his whereabouts, strengths, weaknesses, intentions. The cycle has diversified and grown parts over the years, but the basics are just the scientific method. Ask a question in the form of a hypothesis, theory, curiosity or fear; look for ways to examine, answer and test; get at it; record and report results; adjust the theory accordingly then adjust the search accordingly and keep at it, all the while asking and looking to see if the hypothesis or theory or hunch can be disproven. Most military intelligence officers are supposed to be conspiracy theorists, conspiracy just a legal-sounding word for enemy organization. And ya gotta have a theory to start the wheel rolling. So, why all this in reply to what you said about democracy? I’m working on the hypothesis, trying to discount and disprove the theory, that the Democratic Party of the United States is a criminal conspiracy, an enemy organization. It’s a struggle.

  2. George L. Humphries says:

    “Democracy” has become unconstitutional, as it has become a state religion; one has to BELIEVE in democracy, everywhere we see histrionics telling us that this one or that one is undemocratic or “threatens” democracy in the same fashion as heretics were accused and frog-marched to the stake to be be burned by the Holy Inquisition just 500 years ago. Every day our “democracy” is more greatly adapted to internal rule and control via censorship and assassination. Elections are declared “freenfair” even when they obviously are not, it seems our imperial practices learned and skills honed during the Pax Americana have been brought home and put to bad use. A candidate who has won an election at the ballot box but lost at the counting house is goaded and chided and condemned if he refuses to publicly acknowledge the defeat he did not suffer. These are the times that try men’s souls, but there are many souls that need to be tried and the appropriate punishment meted out. De-MOCK-racy it is.

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