PoliSci Sucks

Political Science is a detrimental academic discipline. Many reasons why, so let’s start cataloging the ways. Maybe we can together destroy PoliSci and make every good person who has a PoliSci degree feel ashamed and want desperately to go replace that degree with something more good — like Geography or at least History. Today I am inspired once again by something J.J. Sefton just posted in his “The Morning Report” at Ace of Spades HQ. Ace of Spades HQ (mu.nu) There he intones Michael Walsh talking about how our current civil war is one pitting the Nation against the State. I think it is that and more, but the phraseology made me think of a PoliSci staple — the so-called “nation-state.” That thing has been made by PoliSci into a piece of scientific grammar, as though it must and should exist, and exist as the basic unit of international affairs. There should be no such thing, at least not for America, and we should strike it out of our nation’s political vocabulary.

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