A lot has been going on, so this is a catch-up sprint post.

It’s ‘Post Debate’ because so many people seem to think the political landscape has changed since the Thursday-night massacre. A lot else happened this week, including the publication of a cornucopia of Supreme Court decisions each of which are more consequential than the Democrats finally having to admit their elder abuse.  Among other things, the Court overturned Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, thereby decreasing the power of the deep state; they decided that Illegal immigrants can be deemed deportable in abstentia and that illegal immigrant spouses can be deported regardless of marital status; they decided that the SEC can’t run its own court system; they decided that it’s not cruel or unusual punishment for a community to boot homeless folk off the streets; they decided presidents have immunity for official acts; and they did other stuff too. All in all, by and large, the Supreme Court did work hammering the deep state and the Democrat lawfare machine. The Ukraine war has also been shifting a bit. The regime in Kiev began to change its tune, evidently no longer insisting on 1991 borders. The Russians’ territorial advance continues slowly but inexorably. The Belarussians say they will tactically nuke the living crap out of anybody (‘Lookin’ at you, NATO’) who invades their place (Prob not kidding so maybe ought not, eh?). Harder to tell just what’s up in the Levant, but I wouldn’t wear flamboyant clothing right now if I were a Hezbollah leader. In France, it looks like anti-woke, anti-anti-Christian candidates have made substantial political gains in elections, which is nice and maybe a bellwether.

Finally put a little (not enough) time into learning some video editing, so I posted another YouTube video.  It returns to being “3-minute Strategery” instead of 2-minute, because 50% more GLMST.  The next clips, in order, will be…#3 Geography, #4 Capacity, #5 Distance, #6 Strategy Theorists, #7 Actions.  The idea is that the vids will help explain On Multiform War, advertise it a bit, and also the need for feed(back).  On Multiform War will a re-write in 2025.  but gotta have 144 sections, , so it’s either combine sections or maybe have a dozen extra in an addendum. 156 works out to an even 12.4899959967968ish…squared.

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