Tyrant Jewelry

My wife and I just finished binge-watching all of the miniseries The Man in the High Castle. We thought it entertaining and oddly relevant to the current political condition. I have thoughts. One is that I was irritated to see a person leave keys in the trunk lock of a car, jump in, and drive the car away without retrieving the keys. Just the kind of problem I bring to the movies! Completely willing to suspend disbelief about traveling to other worlds, but blooper the car keys? Nah. Another issue of equal perturbance was John Smith not defending himself in front of the Fuhrer and other top party members. He was confronted when Herbert Hoover played tapes of Smith’s family exchanging un-Nazi thoughts. John should have said, “C’mon, we all know Hitler’s mom was a Jew, Goebbels is a cripple, Goering’s a drug addict. The main perquisite of being a party leader — impunity — is also required jewelry. Our hypocrisy is but the bold expression of our impunity. You all enjoy it, but remember, it has a purpose. The flaunting shouldn’t be overdone, but it is good to let the masses know that we enjoy as we please. What is important is not that we lead exemplary Aryan lives, Gentlemen, but that we remind the people we have power and they do not.”  Why did Jill’s crack smokin’, whore bangin’ kid make money from fake Chinese deals? Because of course he did. There is nothing you can do about it. Shut up.

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2 Responses to Tyrant Jewelry

  1. Cullen says:

    Pleaaase – plenty of offscreen time to grab the keys!

    • Holmes Oliver says:

      Oh. Yeah, well there was plenty of offscreen time for them to go find out how to pronounce Canon City correctly, but they didn’t do that, did they? I have to say that, regardless, I’m better for the viewing. Hated Illinois Nazis since 1980 and now I can add Alternate World Nazis. that’s called personal growth. Convenient also that most Nazis in this-here world today are simultaneously commie progressives. Ease of hatin’.

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