Foreign Forces

Todd Bensman (Center for Immigration Studies, Center for Immigration Studies (  has an article out in Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College with which many of you are positively familiar. The title of Bensman’s article is “An Immigration Crisis Beyond Imagining.”  Imprimis_Jan_6pg_1-24web.pdf (  It’s a neat summary of the immigration threat, not a long read and worth your time. I want to pile on the article’s doom. Ten million is a reasonable estimate for how many ‘newcomers’ our country will have received illegally before the current administration is out of office (provided it gets kicked out in November). Ten million is a convenient figure for us, the innumerate. If we allow as how only one percent of that number are members of or fatally beholden to a foreign criminal organization or paramilitary force – that’s a hundred thousand. I’m guessing the number is closer to ten percent. Twenty percent is not out of the question. Do the math. We need to effect mass deportation ASAP. Some well-meaning folk will float the pretty argument that most migrants just want a better life. So do we all, but ‘most’ is 50% plus one. Even ‘vast majority’ of 90% still leaves a million. The presence of ‘most’ or even ‘vast majority’ will not help us defeat this newcome enemy. Anyway, if the Democrats retain executive power, America may be doomed.

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