There was never any intellectual resistance among progressives to adopting the magical-realism style in fictional literature to political propaganda. The unstable but effective competitive advantage of narrative over accurate depiction invites progressives to favor even the most improbable untruths. That attitude is dangerous to our national political life. It is also costly when the same preference for narrative leaps to military planning and operations. I’m not informed by anything or anyone from the inside of our military, foreign policy or spy establishments, but I have a hunch. For fun I’m going to call what’s going on an effect of Nulandism – – when magical realism invades military strategy-making. It looks as though the Ukrainians have recently mounted some attacks into Russian territory. Don’t know whose idea that was – could have been the Euros, deep staters, corruptocrats, Ukrainian bosses, actual generals or some Kamala-like Venn Diagram of these. Whoever it was, there is no way they studied the map algebra and found a formula for taking Russian territory and holding it for any militarily sustainable purpose. They must have had a short-term narrative in mind. Was it upcoming elections in Ukraine? Was it a diversion for the withdrawal of units from the eastern front? Could it be that the overall strategy of the regime is simply to save Odessa for whatever is left of after the capitulation, and invasion of Russia seemed like a nice diversion to help that?  Hard to say.  It is going to destroy more things and probably cause the Russians to take more. Who is taken in by this narrative? Not the bear.

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