Regarding the War for America Map

I listened to mapper/commenter Willy OAM this morning for the first time. Interesting and useful map-based discussion of the Ukraine war. He gave considerable credit to a mapper called suriyak-maps. Dima at the Military Summary Channel also sites Suriyak often. So, I went to the Suriyak site on YouTube. He has made a fascinating time-frame GIS of the war’s progress. I also went to Rybar. He keeps what he calls the ‘War Map,’ also called the ‘Rybar Map’. I mention these because of the mapping I would like to do for the war for America. Steep learning curve this year to be able to get things going by next January. As for the layers brainstorming, a fan suggested a layer on organized home squatting. Definitely, if I can find some efficient effective data sources for that. Anybody know a conservative community site where they share online GIS site production? BTW, I’m investing time in QGIS.

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