Ukraine War Sadly Continues

Well, I haven’t been good about posting.  Been trying to do some other writing, in particular an update/summary/advert for On Multiform War. Anyhow, the Ukraine War continues, even though it has long been over as far as Ukrainian prospects are concerned. I’ve taken to following a YouTube website called Military Summary. The young blogger who runs the thing always starts out with “Hello my good friends.” Military Summary – YouTube  I like it because he makes available the whole history of his twice-daily videos, which are distillations with some commentary of a small universe of other blogger reports (mostly Russian-language) based on propaganda from both Russian and Ukrainian militaries plus a number of reports from soldiers and units on both sides. The site is not pretentious or over-confident, and from what I can tell is sincerely trying to show what is going on, especially where the actual front is and what losses are being suffered.  This is especially useful as it allows one to compare changes he shows on his blog to the much more blatantly propagandistic reports coming out on the usual suspect media. Anyhow, it appears that the Ruskies played rope-a-dope for a few months, with the Ukes expending themselves without reward. Actually, it’s more like the Biden/Zelenski regimes expended Ukrainian lives in vain. The strategic basics remain. Russia is a vast land with a robust military industry. It holds terrain, internal lines of communication and shorter risk distances.  Additionally, Zelensky has made some poor decisions, this past week included, having given the Russians all the excuse they needed to end the grain deal that had allowed Ukraine to continue its valuable exports. Now the Russians are proving that the Black Sea is theirs and Odesa will operate as a port only at their pleasure. The idea that the West is weakening Russia militarily/strategically seems nuts at best. And if the notion was to keep the Ukrainians fighting in order to improve their bargaining position, that error is proving to be disastrous. The opposite seems true. The Ukrainian regime is flirting with becoming a land-locked rump state.  NATO countries have not been clear about the purposes and goals of the fighting. Defending democracy does not cut it. Sadly, logically, the Democratic Party can’t want to give up the war and concede defeat to Russia before their next ballot theft. But another fourteen months of slowly losing another war?  Blame Trump might somehow still work, but I kinda doubt it.

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