Ukraine as Football Season Begins

Well, it’s time for another update on Ukraine. I repeat my position. I was right. The war was over months ago. The United States has been helping or forcing the Zelenskyists to keep the bloodshed going, but the outcome was set. The blog I follow daily on the progress of the war (The Military Summary Channel) noted something today (2August) that was especially disconcerting and at the same time humorous. (A New “Armored Fist”, A New Pandemic And Old Depleted Uranium Rounds. Military Summary For 2023.9.02 – YouTube ) Word in that part of the world is that the US administration is designing a new pandemic for this fall and winter. Shocked I am. According to the blogger, one purpose is to slow things down in the Ukraine War, maybe cover up its shameful, embarrassing conclusion. Well, the populations of Eastern Europe are evidently not gonna buy it. Done with that bulls..t. So I refer readers to another blog, that of the inestimable James Howard Kunstler (Happenings Await – Kunstler) Go there now. He says of Russia that in the coming months, “it will just quietly take charge of its successfully neutralized neighbor, make provision for some sort of administration over what remains of the rump state…”   The rest of his commentary and prediction is excellent as well. I think he is spot on. His is the best prediction. I can only say that this Kunstler fellow must have gotten that from me through some form of telepathy or other. By the time of the elections of 2024, the Democrats will have slipped away from the Ukraine and probably from the Joe, figuring to blame it all on something-or-other or creating new crises, or something, but their options are shrinking. Racism and Trump of course, but this time it won’t be enough. The truth is coming.

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