Worrisome news

If you have not become aware of Seymour Hersh’s expose in which he accuses the United States government of blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline, you’ll want to check that out. If true, not good, and we need to find out. The FBI wading into the Catholic Church fishing for extremists is another sad revelation the dimensions of which we need to find. The same government might have misdirected millions of dollars in Covid money to Planned Parenthood. Can’t see how that’s legal. Speaking of scamdemic, Sasha Latypova is on fire, has connected a lot of dots. Speaking of receipts, Elon Musk has been doing the world an immense favor in the release of files showing the sad reality of widespread organized, taxpayer funded, totally illegal government participation in fake news. So much. The year is getting going with a lot of awful, with truth of the poop leaking out to a growing number of concerned voters. My hope is that the bad guys get punished. I don’t think they will, but I hope.

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