Winning Insurgent War, Winning Irregular War and On Multiform War all bored their dozens of readers with what a big deal roadblocking is. Roadblocks will be a featured layer in our coming GIS War for America Map. Roadblocks have been in the news recently in the form of anti-Jewish protests on major bridges. These protests were neither spontaneous nor coincidental. Sadly, roadblocks like these succeed most when local law enforcement structures are coopted, compromised or neutralized. Soon, on the Long Prompts page, I’ll post a ‘remastered’ version of the roadblocks section of On Multiform War. On Multiform War uses the word roadblock or a derivative about 87 times, about 33 of those times in ‘Section 78, Roadblocks and Checkpoints,’ 25 in cross references to Section 78, and the rest spread out into about fifteen or sixteen other sections. It probably could have fit usefully into more than a hundred sections, but hey, On Multiform War is a geography book, so of course everything is shown to influence everything else. Roadblocks have been a mappable thing in all kinds of warfare, very much to include multiform. They are today basic-basic, used effectively by all sides from Antifa (identity which these days paradoxically includes anti-Jews) to Belgian vegetable farmers (who by the grace of God have large tractors). As I like to repeat over and over again and again, we realize the full value of things only if they are moved, so reducing movement always threatens value. Where to block is therefore a central focus of a leader’s coup d’oeil.

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