The National Scourge of False Witness

(Deuteronomy 19: 18-19 King James Version)

And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother;

Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you.

President Trump should not bury the hatchet when he is re-elected. He should seek prosecution of all the men and women who knowingly and illegally abused government process and position against him and others. End impunity.

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2 Responses to The National Scourge of False Witness

  1. George L. Humphries says:

    False witness you say, in reference to a recent show trial, in the best/worst traditions of an Eastern European regime on the cusp of the Great Patriotic War. I would suggest that the challenge exceeds that courtroom, even exceeding the systematic plowing under of our late electoral system.

    From my point of view, there is a top-level command elite in the “West” that is also on its way to ruling the entire planet. It is not a theory that I read or saw in videos, although there is a lot written and recorded, mostly fluff, but it gives clues that one can investigate. And the level of control is strong, hidden by the media of miscommunication and disinformation, the biggest maskirovka in history. And the result is that we live in a concocted fantasy, increasingly divorced from reality, at least in the collective “West,” and the parts and populations mentally colonized by Hollywood, London and Washington. I studied History, so research into facts and analysis of their bases is one of my areas of expertise. One thing that annoys me daily is to see a lie, a falsehood, an incident that never happened, a false-flag event reported by authorities and journalists and even academics as the truth, sold to the public and then used as posts and wharfs and airstrips to deploy lines of logic, reasoning, policies and actions. This is normal throughout history, but we have not always been on the threshold of an “extinction event” of all of humanity.

    For me, there are few heads of state who do not live in the fantasy zone and do not avoid talking nonsense to be happily accepted by the ruling elites and their circles of henchmen. Among the few I count as realists are Putin, Orban, Traore of Burkina Faso, and the prudent king of Jordan. Instead, most are playing the game according to the rules of Disney World, quite literally.

    And as we enter another year of conflict in Ukraine and another cycle of conflict in Palestine, the narratives of Fantasyland no longer have the force they once had; doubts have taken hold. There are so many pieces of the forced dominant narrative that are obviously no longer valid that many are no longer buying it.

    But the elites continue to chant the same old mantras, repeated by fools and bought-off tools. Meanwhile, there is turmoil among the populations because they see the darkness advancing.

    So, we are facing political changes this year, which is excellent. I hope that it will scare away the evil fairies in parliaments and governments, and I hope that it will be enough to avoid a tragedy on the scale of the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. Although we have some dinosaurs that need extinction, like yesterday.

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