They Have a Council You Say?

Here’s a headline from ‘Natural News” aggregated in Citizen Free Press — Ukraine Petitions Council of Europe to Cancel Elections, Suspend Human Rights Protections in Order to “Stop Russia”

Folks, I can’t help but think that this suspension of rights thing is more of a reason for the war than it is a response to the Russian invasion.  Unfortunate that the headline says, ‘Ukraine Petitions’ instead of ‘The Zelensky Regime Petitions.’  Ukraine does not do or ask for anything. If this petition were to be granted, it would certainly underline that there is no Ukraine in a polity sense. It would be a big tell. But regardless of what said council-contraption grants or doesn’t, why suppose or concede that the Council of Europe is at all ethical or legitimate such as to form and give an opinion that matters whit about anything at all?  AmIwrong?  

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