The Interior of the Deep State

Today let’s talk about Deb Holland.  She might be the bestest postergirl for what is wrong with America’s government right now. I just spent some irritating minutes watching YouTube videos of not-Democrat senators and congressmen asking her questions. If you want a quick political adrenaloutrage rush thing, this little series should do it.

(39) BRUTAL: James Risch Asks Deb Haaland Extremely Simple Questions Over And Over—And She Can’t Answer – YouTube

(39) ‘So You’re Not In Charge?!’: Josh Hawley Goes Absolutely Nuclear On Deb Haaland Over ‘Corruption’ – YouTube

(39) ‘She’s Not Answering My Question’: Harriet Hageman Shows No Mercy Grilling Deb Haaland – YouTube

As an aside, I want to go off in a direction suggested by the last of the above three vids — the plight of American Indian tribes and depredation of tribal lands brought by international drug cartels (presently of mostly Mexican ownership identity). The considerable deterioration in material life brought to the reservations by drug cartels is a byproduct of the Democrat open border policy, to include not only the huge increase in cartel footsoldier numbers, but also the impunity that Democratic Party structures directly and indirectly afford the cartels. It is another depressing and maddening shame brought to us by that collaboration of criminals. That said, I want to highlight an interesting more-than-detail regarding the nature of property ownership. It is something I saw in government-run land tenure systems and reform attempts in Mexico, Honduras, Colombia and other places in Latin America. Like the United States and Canada, the Iberoamerican countries are home to large indigenous landholdings. Summarizing mightily here, it turns out that socialist political parties, drug gangs and hybrids of the two greatly favor traditional centralized tribal leadership schemes over the privatization and particularization of land ownership. The former format keeps the vast majority of tribal populations powerless. Moreover, it presents to criminal organizations infinitely smaller tribal leadership target groups to bribe and blackmail. When we remember that there are a lot of bad people, and then we key in on the significance of planned impunity in their modus operandi, we again see why disperse property ownership is likely to correlate with liberty.

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