Yup, that word was used today in the lead article at Ace of Spades HQ (Ace of Spades HQ ( in ‘The Morning Rant’ of 23 April by J.J. Sefton.  We are obliged to normalize-mainstream the term. It means good and right. It was apparently coined by the writers of The Simpsons. Sefton is exceptionally cromulent in his ideas about the war for America. His citations and references are cromulent as well. Today he leads us to a Pipeline article by Micheal Walsh, also cromulent as to our current warfare. THE COLUMN: In Search of Common Ground | The Pipeline (  These two cromulents — J.J. Sefton and Michael Walsh — are better than I am at describing our cultural war, and they are more diligent. I highly recommend you seek them out in these uncromulent times.

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