Israel Is in Danger and Not Just Israel

  1. There is no friendly, safe or peaceful intention to what the mullahs just did;
  2. They launched a big test;
  3. The test had the extra benefit of using up some Israeli air defense;
  4. The United States government is feckless and deceitful in its attitude toward the Israeli position. The notion that Israel should make no offensive response (calling such a response an escalation) is evil nonsense. The only effective defense is to defang and declaw the enemy. Our administration’s policy is to deny Israel an effective defense. The Obama/biden stance is pro-mullah. Tell Israel they can only use the shield and not the sword? The Democrat Party has been trying to abandon Israel and is now succeeding;
  5. Our legacy propaganda outlets paint Iran’s swarm drone and missile attack as a ‘reaction’ to and ‘retaliation’ for Israel’s bombing an Iranian military HQ in Damascus. That characterizing is disingenuous. Iran has been attacking Israel all along, and everyone knows it;
  6. The Iranian attack had to have cost a lot less money than did Israel’s air defense effort;
  7. The attack on Israel, as well as what’s going on in Ukraine, show us that industrial manufacturing capacity still greatly influences a county’s prospects in a war;
  8. Enough low or medium-tech weapons can overcome top-end technological advantage;
  9. The United Nations is of no friendly use in any of this, it is an enemy organization;
  10. Our pushing Russia into alliance with both China and Iran is mega-geostupidit (or just treasonous). The American deep state/Democratic Party seems to have busied itself secretly aiding the regimes in Iran, China, Brazil, etc… (also aiding the anti-America United Nations) Our rulers keep giving advantage to these foreign entities in part due to a common leftiness and in part to pure corruption.  Those foreign dictators and clerics who our rulers help then ally with the leaders in Russia. Meanwhile, our regime sends money and weapons to corruptionists in Ukraine who are losing that space to the Russians anyway. It is all maddeningly dumb and evil and wholly anti-America.
  11. Are we doomed?  Yes, if we don’t make a change pretty soon.
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1 Response to Israel Is in Danger and Not Just Israel

  1. George L. Humphries says:

    Imagine, if you will, a powerful wizard whose ability to impress and intimidate is linked to conjuring and controlling demons. And his people have infiltrated and taken over a great civilization, but their excess has finally caused the people to rise up and cast them out.
    Imagine the wizard conjuring the Devil himself and consigning for all eternity the souls of his people to damnation, but misrepresenting this deed as a special selection of a good and powerful god.
    And imagine that then his people forevermore do not believe in an afterlife, not because they do not have souls, but because their souls have already been taken, and they can´t conceive it.
    And imagine that this people carry out their mission to promote evil, death and destruction whenever and wherever they go.
    And imagine that in their demon-assisted enterprises they manage to convince the rest of the peoples that they are special, and select, and what they promote is good; good for all.
    And imagine that their utmost goal, perhaps known only to a few, or perhaps not known to any, is the ultimate destruction of the human race, or perhaps the planet itself, and all life upon it.
    Because they belong to the Devil, have belonged to the Devil for millennia, and that is the mission that has been consigned to them.
    Imagine, if you will…

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