Joe gave a speech last night and I thought he got through it pretty well, cognitively speaking. The speech writer is no Shakespeare, but even there we need to give some leeway since these things tend to be hierarchical checklists of panderings, not composed enlighteners. They did what they were supposed to do to hit as many lefty voter categories as Joe’s handlers felt was necessary to shore up the base. All and all, I can’t think but that some of the party insiders came away thinking, “Well, OK then, we can work with that. He didn’t faceplant.”  Others in his party probably thought, “Nuts, he didn’t face plant.”  In any case, right now it looks like he and that other nitwit are the ticket. I think that’s good. Their having a hero ride in late on a white horse from Califa or someplace is more worrisome. An unknown could be a savior for the Dems if they could keep anyone from having the time to present any background research. It could be Bill Ayres and Angela Davis, and enough voters wouldn’t notice or care to notice until December.

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