Why I am the greatest living Strategic theorist, reason #4,682:

I just rediscovered a note I had made to myself to comment on a series of articles written by Armin Rosen, mostly for the online magazine Tablet. Just go there and they are easy to find. One of the latest was, “A Hate Crime a Day Keeps the DOJ Away.” A Rise In Hate Crimes Against Jews In NYC – Tablet Magazine

Mr. Rosen has covered the continuing rise in violent crimes obviously directed at Jews, particularly in New York. His chronicling over the past few years makes for a very depressing and angering read. The point I want to make here is a relatively minor one, about a development in his language on the subject. I believe, and I might be wrong about Mr. Rosen’s thinking, that his and others’ writings had been suggesting that there was no organizing pattern involved in the widespread increase in what are undeniably “hate crimes,” if that expression has any independent value at all. That thought seems to have given way to the observation regarding impunity, that crimes against Jews in particular are not pursued. While Mr. Rosen has perhaps not quite arrived at the point of screaming it as I do, THAT is the organizing principle. The organizers of the organizations that provide organized impunity — THEY are the criminal conspirators, THAT is the evil conspiracy. And of course, that’s why I put impunity as a core, if not THE core organizing principle of my strategy writings — especially On Multiform War: Strategy, Revolution, and the Nine-Head Monster. That monster is an impunity creator. Why it hates Jews and why I am a revolutionary are related topic for other posts. Mr. Rosen — please buy my book. It was written for you.

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