US Department of Labor Giving Money

A sidenote, I noticed this as a minor outrage headline in Citizens Free Press. The link to the Labor Department news release is US Department of Labor announces $12M cooperative agreement to strengthen labor rights, empower workers in Brazil, Colombia, Peru | U.S. Department of Labor ( Inside that release are a couple more links, the first one to The Solidarity Center – Promoting Worker Rights Worldwide

No big deal, but if you are interested in doing some easy shot intergoogle sleuthing to find the world communist conspiracy, this is a little beachhead. The left is more and more brazen about naming their leaders and places. In this instance, the naming could lead to the creation of an appreciable network map. I’m not gonna do it. One of our contributors said something in a text or an email to me the other day that prompted my mentioning this item. He wondered to me why the Democrat Party is seeming so much like the Chinese Communist Party. Hahahaha. When we drill down to who everyone spends time with in all the foreign forums and actionist get-togethers, we find that the Democrats and world commies spend a lot more time together than any other US political organizations — a lot more time that the Dems spend with anyone in the Republican party, not that the latter does much anyhow.

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