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I offer this info in response to a couple of interrogatories from the legion of Liberty Bristles stalwarts regarding progress on this site’s development and fighting the war therefrom. The site is advancing full speed ahead, a tout vapor, volle kraft voraus, a toda estupidez. It’s just that ‘full speed’ is not giving the quite the rpms I’d like. As for the two-minute strategery videos that I promise, last month’s launch did not go quite as well as hoped. It turns out we do not have the optimal height of on-air talent.  In order to make up for what may be a lack of charismatic screen presence among the talking heads, I’m learning how to do video editing. It is a bit more of a mental slog, a steeper learning curve than expected.  Nevertheless, I promise to have at least several vids published before Independence Day. As for the War for America GIS Map, I only promise to have it up and running by the end of the year. I really think I’ll beat that, however, and should have a shell mounted and available for public comment before the elections – before my birthday. As for other-than-Liberty Bristles social media entries, I’ve improved slightly and am continuing to do some book advertising on a weekly basis. I assure everyone that all of my efforts will be made without the use of performance enhancing drugs (caffeine excepted, there might be caffeine). Also, my emotional, logistic and grammatical excellence support team is healthy and motivated. Ad Astra Per Awsomepera!

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