Things Are Messed Up

A couple of news items drag me in today. One is the cargo ship hitting Key Bridge in Baltimore.  Not all details in yet, but already easy to compare to the Ukrainians (with our help I assume) trying time after time to knock out the Russian’s Crimea Bridge with only limited success. Here comes what looks like an accident or maybe a negligence of some sort — and whammy, one of our most valuable pieces of infrastructure does down in seconds.  Kind of makes you wonder at how easily our systems can be compromised. The other news item is also still fact-sketchy, but it looks like our Special Forces trained a Palestinian Authority dude in sniping. Said Palestinian Authority dude was a good student who has followed up his training by killing a handful of Israelis. What in blazes were we thinking? Why in the world would be providing military training to any Palestinians? Who else would they shoot? Something is very wrong.

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