Regarding Propriety at Liberty Bristles

Unlike other sites, ad-hominem (personal) attacks are allowable (even welcome) and will not be a cause for denying or unauthorizing a post or comment. You may make nasty hateful comments if you wish, as long as they are within bounds. Of course, by ‘in bounds’ I mean they cannot be untoward, though they may be indelicate. For instance, let’s say you’re commenting on some of the drivel Geoff Demarest posts. You are well within our style guide to call him idiot, ignorant, insane, reprobate or even ‘poo-poo head’.  All innocent enough and likely. On the other hand, your comment will be deleted or adjusted if you use the s, f or n words on him (as they fall into a category policed from afar by AI), nor may you call him racist, warmonger, pedophile or democrat. The latter, more or less synonymous, are beyond the pale as they too readily impel broad social derision and canceling. In some cases, they might even spark legal consequences as actionable slander. Geoff has an entire law firm backing him up on this. As Amy Vanderbilt famously said, “Refrain from calling your visitor ‘thief’ unless you can prove she stole the spoon. Remember, she’s still as ass.”

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