Ukranian Counteroffensive Sep 10thish

I have no special knowledge, might not understand the Russian way of war, but I’m thinking that Putin’s winning, albeit more slowly than he had hoped.  The Russian people seem to be more and more behind the effort, not against it, probably because the west has made such a moralizing fuss.  Russians know they have a corrupt government, but they also know that the Ukrainians have just as corrupt a government. The Russians have plenty of time, too, more than the rest of Europe.  No amount of money is going to save Ukraine, especially not our money. The Russians will have no fuel shortages and no economic crisis this winter.  Not sure about the Euros. I might have this wrong, but it seems a Russian Army almost always make the enemy army its central objective, terrain remaining preparatory and secondary.  Also, I don’t believe a thing Zelensky says and hardly anything our government says.  If I were Putin, I think I’d just keep pluggin’ away.  No need for nukes.  Ukraine will soon run out of soldiers willing to be cannon fodder for the WEF.  So, my present idle prediction is…wait for it…March 2023 – total abject Ukranian capitulation followed by empty show of Russian grace and Putin magnanimity, as well as some tremendous clever-by-half propagandistic gaslight jiujitsu brain torque on the part of NATOistas.

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