Mid-August 2022

I’m waiting for On Multiform War to be released. It is in pre-order on Amazon for hardcopies, although the Kindle version is available.

There are a couple of recent events I figure I need to comment on here. One is the raid on Mar al Lago in Florida. Amazingly wrong, it adds more weight to Trump’s re-election prospects, and it probably means the FBI will be facing some changes if the conservative wing of the Republican party gains enough power during the coming cycles. The other big event that I had in mind is this business of Congress’s funding the IRS for huge growth, along with the revelations that the IRS has purchased a zillion rounds of ammunition. These two things fall in the category of things that should not surprise but surprise anyhow. They are beyond evidence of a toxic deep state. They are gleaming proof that the Democratic Party has become a totalitarian party now. We have a problem.

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