I’m all about seeing Holmes give this another push, and admit that I’m not using my real name, either.  In fact, I took it from another guy whose real name it wasn’t.  Anyway, I resolve for the New Year to comment every once in a while  in this strategery tertulia blog thing.  According to Geoff Demarest, perhaps the most outstanding, brilliant and correct strategist alive today, we can’t make strategy or talk about it with any clarity or advantage unless we know what it is that peeves us and can name who it is that’s doing the peeving.  There’s a nosotros-ellos mundo out there, and therefore I submit the folowing idea of what they look like, that is, the bad-guys, the enemy.


It’s a sloppy angry mean multiheaded monster with a body like a methuselah tree. It smells like rotten chicken.  It has leaders, directorates, cabals and all that, many of whom I guess we could actually name, but here I only describe it in general terms by what identifies itself publicly.  This is shorthand, but anyhow the five major heads of the monster are as follows (not is order of consequence or danger as they comingle anyhow): American progressives; transnational criminal cartels and syndicates; aggressive ideological Islam; Intentional Socialism (commies), and; Other abusive power concentrators.  I know that fifth category needs some fleshing out, but that will come.  Holmes already mentioned one part of that —  folk who build government for themselves as their personal business model — kinda what Ted Cruz was calling out as the government cartel. Another example might be the social media moguls.  This fifth head might not be as immediately dangerous as the other four, but at any given moment it’s parts are fecklessly willing to smooch with them.  Allrightythen, let 2018 begin.  I’m going to watch college football today.  This year the bowl championship series is a lot more interesting to me than the pros.

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