Free Speech on Campus

I think the DeVos education appointment is really promising so far as the ideological war goes. I read somewhere that the DeVos family were early, generous contributors to, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. “The mission of FIRE is to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities.” is one of the best endeavors out there for re-balancing power, in the long run, away from the progressive left. I also recently read something about a legislative plan for orienting the federal government toward ensuring constitutional liberties on campuses, especially free speech. Legislation already exists, of course. has a legislation page, and you can also go to the Goldwater Institute for an article by Starlee Coleman outlining a legislative model to end ‘free speech zones’ and ‘safe spaces’. I can’t help but think that the new leadership at the Education Department, supported by the new leadership at DoJ (or vice versa), are going to start soon to turn us back toward liberty on American campuses. It will have an enormous generational impact. Merica.

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