Today some Cubans are going to have a funeral ceremony for Fidel Castro, so it is as good a time as any to reflect and express.  Fidel’s death comes at the end of the Obama presidency, so I’m thinking positively that an element of shame will start to go away soon.  Part of Obama, and concomitantly an influential slice of his foreign policy administration, is marxist-leninist in sympathy and education.  That slice was influential enough not only to pander to the Castro’s heroic leftist identity, but to help the Castro’s criminal enterprise along — a fact that has been numbing to me.  I’m glad it is [probably] coming to an end and hope that President Trump retracts all formal diplomatic relations with the government of Raul, cuts off all support to the Colombian peace agreement, and reaffirms Cuba’s status as a state supporter of terrorism and narcotics trafficking.  Which brings us to another thing — a most unfortunate outcome of the Obama, Castro, Santos political life coincidence – this horrible gift of Colombian power to the FARC.  There are not enough adjectives.  Incredible? Unbelievable?  How is it possible that the Colombians are doing this to themselves? Or is it us?   So much of Colombia has been willing to fight for so long, and was winning, and now at the end of an odd sequence of electoral misfortunes and connivance, the Colombian government, including the Colombian military, is just going to give power to the wholly undeserving and miserable gangsters of the FARC?  The Bolivarian movement rests on this combination of a vile disastrous Venezuelan government, hellish Cuban dystopia and some Colombian-led guerrillas.  How have we not just called out this monster as what it is – a clearly defined thuggish enemy conspiracy as has ever been presented to us?  Why are we not committed to killing this thing? Period. What?  What am I missing?  Why is this not a main thing?  I guess I can almost understand the group-think that allows the leaders of the US military to not see it while they look to the east, but the Colombian military?  Something biblical here – about the devil.  We need more light.  We need a spark.

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  1. Holmes Oliver says:

    Carlos, I was drawn to this old post by an unknown commenter. I know you submitted this more than seven years ago. Perhaps you would care to re-write it or comment on it to assert if it has relevance today, or perhaps advise me to discard it and start again?

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