10 THREATSannotated11jun2016

10 THREATSannotatedI’ve added to the long posts page a pdf document titled ’10 Threats annotated’. It is a basic statement for the site in that I don’t think any national military strategy of any kind would be necessary if not for the existence of threats to the nation and or to its constitutional order. So here is a document, also written by Geoff Demarest, asserting the general nature of that threat. When I feel confident about actually getting this webpage/blog going, you’ll be invited and welcomed to comment on the list of threats.

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  1. Ivan Welch says:

    Geoff’s Top Ten list is overly long by today’s internet attention span requirements. Be that as it may, I only wish to comment on No. 10 Anti-American Pastime.

    It seems to me that if this is the greatest threat, then we must consider both the foreign and domestic manifestations of this Anti-American sentiment.

    May we start with discussing just what this thing called American is?

    Just stirring the pot.

    • Geoff Demarest says:

      Good evening Ivan and thanks for the comment. I didn’t make the David Letterman Show thing clear enough. To your credit, you did not watch it much and actually I think I only saw it once or twice. The listsof ten shtick went from tenth to first. That is to say, I wouldn’t call anti-Americanism the worst threat, but that doesn’t matter, it’s still on the list. In a context of us-them thinking, with Alinsky method energy thrown in, the anti-Americanism is really just a pure anti-identity. So, within the frame of your question about what is American, I would be willing to recite my favorite aspects of heritage and culture, and would not exclude yours, even if I didn’t share them. My confidence in doing so comes from the example of the founders. They weren’t in perfect or even close agreement about the details of liberty or how America should be. (they couldn’t answer your question) They only really agreed that the nemesis of liberty was the concentration of power. So the system they strove to build, or rather the agreement they sought in order to allow the system to grow of its own, was exceptional in that it was conceived to avoid unworthy concentrations of power. Anti-Americanism has a range of noticeable planks or accoutrements, but at its heart it is a rejection of the idea that government is not presumed to be the leader of society, not a provider, that ‘state’ and ‘people are not one thing, and that democracy is not a goal. Er, I guess.

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